8 thoughts on “Spring Sunday

    1. hmmm…my kids would disagree 🙂 but i hear you. gets too hot to do anything. i hear pools are great but i never did get along with chlorine. lovely to have you drop in, sir…

      1. Chlorine is ok as long as not mixed with the Gin at more than a 4:1 ratio. Chlorine and Gin with a sprig of mint by poolside–delightful!

        1. vodka gal, here. twist of lime, a must. and hey, i hear there are some great salt purification systems for pools that keep the chlorine down to a wimper. now. i just need to have that pool put in with all that spare change i have. in that parallel universe i reside…damn…where’s the portal?!
          cheers… 🙂

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