“If we are to master the art of expanding our relationships to all parts of Creation, the first three circles of relationship must be sound. Our relationship to the Great Mystery, God, the Creator, is primary. To maintain this circle we must honor our connection through returning thanks and through communicating with the source of all life. The second circle of self to self is maintained by honoring the needs and health of the body and seeing to the needs of the spirit, by feeling all emotions and releasing or detaching from anything that limits our growth. We are also asked to monitor any negative mind chatter and to transform our self-destructive thoughts into positive inspiration. By calling our energy back from negativity that we may have placed in the Dream Weave, we recycle the same life force into productive or creative activity. The third circle of self to others is made strong through personal integrity and being lovingly respectful toward others while maintaining our personal Sacred Point of View.” Jamie Sams – Dancing the Dream

I have to take little breaks throughout an otherwise full day and this floats up from what Jamie Sams calls the “Dream Weave,” this message of thankfulness and balance. It spoke deeply to what I treasure in my own living and seems appropriate. Pacing myself. Work. Rest. Laugh. Hug. Command. Retreat. Plan. But in it all a sense of gratitude. Will we cook and relish another big Thanksgiving meal in this home? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Not ultimately. When your life is a moveable feast, it’s all good…


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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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