Times are tough for many right now. My sisters lost their homes this year, moved on to different places, found resilience in the aftermath. Life goes on. I’m hanging on here and feeling exiled. In my home. Why? Because I have no definite plan of attack that will assure shelter in the future. It’s not like there’s a definite plan of attack actually available. I can only wait it out. There’s no sense in putting up a for sale sign for a home that is better rent than you can find anywhere for what it gives me and my children. But I feel exiled. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s this strange shelter, the kind you find when things are uncertain, when the sense of homeland rests mostly within, when the reality of “place,” of settledness is discombobulated and distorted and that allegedly solid place is more a feltness, a bond with people not here but, well, here.

I’ve little else to contribute to the land of expression today except to add Ray Lamontagne’s beautiful hopeful refrain…”When all of this around us’ll fall over, I tell ya what we’re gonna do…you will shelter me…I will shelter you…” We’re forced to find shelter that cannot be foreclosed, bankrupted or otherwise ousted, aren’t we? Anchored from within, we’re not tossed around so much…

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2 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. thanks leslie…your encouragement is appreciated hugely…i know it’s what we carry in our hearts that makes a home wherever we are and it’s that truth i’m seeking to nurture regardless of the outcome. i’m not sure that we don’t just need a big change but. we. shall. see.

  2. I have always admired those who could raise their families in one home and have it grow with them. It wasn’t so in the home I came from and was not so for my children. We came close, but not to be. I agree that there is more to “a home” than the physical characteristics. Keep hanging on. Good post.

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