Heart Aflutter

heart flutters, follows
what she cannot have and so
shudders against walls…

flight rest

 so slowly unfurls
unfolding a telling shift
to places not known…

flow aflutter

i was at the conservatory in raleigh’s museum of natural history with my youngest son this past week. we couldn’t quit chasing greens and tortoises, flowers and butterflies floating. there was one i adored the most, couldn’t get the creature to light long enough to take a picture. i was about to give up on capturing for just a moment of glory. my hand is on the door. and the blue wonder decided to come see me just as i was about to leave. i laughed and started clicking with hands that perpetually shake. the images leave alot to be imagined, at least.

it strikes me this is the work of the heart sometimes. i keep getting messages to follow my heart, the heart knows, the heart needs hope, the heart, the heart…oh do just hush now. i’m not as trusting of my heart as maybe i should be. the heart moves in directions not always even allowed. we must wait. til the hand is on the door and the give up is almost complete and something flutters in…something not yet clearly known…something not about pining after the unavailable or the impossible…something that comes just as you live with heart with what you have right at hand, right under the feet, as you unfold the love you are in the most daunting tides and tales of life.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

2 thoughts on “Heart Aflutter

  1. I like it that you write about the heart. I am a true believer that we can know something with our minds but until that knowledge also reaches our heart we are only a talking head. I like to think of blue as truth. This butterfly brought you “truth”. Lovely post JRuth!

    1. hmmm…i like this truth blue connection… i’ve this pitcher a dear friend gave me for my birthday… and it’s all rich and voluptuous blue and full of potential. and that is truth. sometimes it’s got this really potent, almost nauseating slam effect when it goes down. but it’s worth the medicinal effect. would that the world had fewer talking heads…

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