September Spill…


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My posts have been mostly images, songs and videos lately so I feel compelled to say something. September has pounced on us here a bit like a lion from the brush as we picnic on life’s better moments. Not many folks imagine tossing a blanket and spreading out the food in lion territory but that’s what life is sometimes, isn’t it? A measure of risk. We try to pretend there are no lions. Or maybe we do that whole attraction thing and just believe firmly, strongly, totally that the lions will prey on other animals, as we face the inner lions and acknowledge all the soul’s unsettled issues and. The truth is we do interact with other worlds, other lives, other realities and they have their adventures that overlap our own and we get to sort it all out, be there for each other and grab those sandwiches and growl as we head for hopefully safer ground.

So far, by the 9th of this month we’ve faced a death at the local high school, one that gripped my daughter in grief for over a week and she’s still dealing with the fallout; court dates for testifying for a friend and clerical errors that had put my middle guy in a holding pattern instead of the AIG track he had been on previously (AIG – academically, intellectually gifted). Clerical errors. In spite of my checking in on the situation twice, he didn’t get the attention he should have had last year. But today, we found resolution. In the meantime, paychecks were lost in the mail. And a computer virus or worm sending out emails without my permission this morning right after my “notes from the universe” mentions unexpected opportunities ( I know, this has happened to plenty but not to me before!). Wooo hoooo! Basically, this month is reminding me that I can only attract/influence so much as I sit back with myself and ask just how much I need to work through my beliefs about my life. Do I believe I’m at the mercy of ______ and will therefore encounter _________? Is that why ___________? Well, that’s more homework to do and I’ve done tons already. Can’t a gal take a break every once in a while?

But this is not all the month has brought and I realize that in the middle of all I cannot prevent is this awareness that keeps growing stronger, one that grips my heart with a belief that there is more than enough for all of us on this roiling planet; that we will find a way beyond tragedies, a way to love more deeply and with more intent; that we will find those who match our passion and commitment to facilitating soulful living and integrity; that there is so very much to be grateful for as we keep plugging away at the habits of courage, of grace (yes, there are habits of grace) and visionary love. As I weather these tumults, I find that I’m also encountering new and renewing friendship, networks of people reaching out to support and doors opening that were once closed tight. People helping people only because they can, not because it’s a “good thing to do.”

So, the spill of the day is this…life is precious, pulsing possibility supreme whether we’re holding the grieving or walking through that new opening. It’s a wonderful thing, in spite of the pain and frustration we do sometimes inevitably encounter, to be able to connect with those who keep their hearts open in compassion and with a passion that moves the feet to dance again. In short, in 9 days time I’m finding I have some wonderful friendships here in this whirlwind we call life…

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2 thoughts on “September Spill…

  1. Beautifully written, JRuth. We all face these things, don’t we.? Only the titles are different. Thank heavens for compassion and friends and all else that helps to keep this spinning world in balance.

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