Penn State

Being philosophically correct is a nowhere game. Being politically correct is the same. Speaking from the heart, I can say that if I think of these children who were brutalized, I can only be enraged that they were so horribly victimized, that they may take decades to rid themselves of the imprint, the injury. And that some of them may not succeed. That, as with physical injuries, some may be maimed in ways nothing, no belief system, no doctor, no miracle can undo. There’s no way out of that fact. And the anger associated with it is a direct representation of the value of what these fiendish acts brutalized. The validity of outrage doesn’t change any laws of power or prosperity or. Or. Those who perpetrated these violations don’t deserve the waste of our energy by stewing in anger over their sicknesses. They are responsible for themselves. We are responsible for how we allow this to inform and inspire our actions as people united in love and in protection of value and nothing more.

That Penn State did what Penn State has been doing all this time is not a shocker. It’s appalling, yes. But it’s not a surprise. We don’t grow into ownership and embodiment of truth overnight. Penn State won’t any time soon, if ever, since they stand only for profit. We cannot trust institutions. No matter how long their tradition or how reputable. We can work with them to further our own purposes. We can join with them to further our own causes. But we can never assume that our need for diligence in discernment or our responsibility as the gatekeepers for our children (or anything we nurture) is even slightly lifted by the presence of any institution’s reputation or supposed reliability or statement of purpose. We, the parents. We, the neighbors. We, the administrators. We, the co-workers have to assume the buck stops with us. Not with the guy with more clout. Not with the bosses. Not with the lady with the social services degree. Not anywhere but here. With the one living her life, cultivating what she believes in and making sure the fruit of her fields sing of integrity down to the core. Because at the end of the day, association with an institution does not make a person any less vulnerable to exploitation or apathy. It’s up to the individual to raise and keep the standard, to grow up beyond a need for mommy/daddy/institution to parent, rescue, prosecute. It’s that simple and that tough.

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4 thoughts on “Penn State

  1. I have always been apalled by the inability of our society to protect their young. So many times “swept under the rug” is how they are treated when issues come to light. I am hoping that this serves as an example to our youth and our parents to be ever aware of what is going on and step forward! …no matter what it takes.

  2. Although I am unaware of the exact problem with Penn State, it appears that almost every trustworthy institution have rogues or rogue organisations being discovered all the time these days – be they educational, religious, or financial. Nothing, it seems, is sacred anymore – least of all children

    1. I initially wrote this in response to a post on another blog. We should, ideally, be able to trust people. And that’s really what this boils down to, a group of people. Some with honest, trustworthy intentions, others eat up with fear, others with greed and still others determined to rape and prey on children. The uproar coming from the reality of this formerly highly respected institution, ridiculous riots over the firing of those connected to the sexual violence has brought out a lot of energy surrounding the issues of who to trust, how to trust, where compassion and understanding leaves off and anger validly picks up. And. So, I had my say there and here. I don’t write off an institution because it’s an institution but I do always make a habit of trusting that humanity is what humanity is. And that means that right in there with the fact that we are love is the sometimes tragic fact that many don’t do their soul work and the love doesn’t come through, people get hurt. And you said it, nothing is sacred.

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