Stunning, moving silence hums a shock,
symphony of change…
Where did all the noise go, the perpetual questioning roil?
All these caverns deep, filling spill an overflow and down,
wrecking past the no, and
the no and
the no,

cascading over rough edges smoothing…
pooling, massing my oasis.
Waiting, swelling, singing.
For what?

Truly, I do not know.
But this feast is fathomless.

tallulah river, 2011

This post was originally published with the following amazing image: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv4wejLcbn1qgph62o1_500.jpg

But see my post titled “Tumblr?” of 1/7/12 for an explanation. All comments about the amazing photo before that date are not due to the amazing tallulah image here.


4 thoughts on “Fathomless…

  1. “wrecking past the no, and the no and the no,” I love that, especially with the image you have posted. I also like to think of it in relationship to how we live our lives. Not that we are disobedient, but the contrary where we push on. Love it, JRuth!

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