Moments Making…

I keep going back while moving forward
and standing still.
Going back to points in time,
moments gone but, clearly, not gone,
moments visiting me on this journey
‘though they came and went,
seemingly gone for forever…

moments when the birds were swelling, painting a wave of sound
and color dark across dusk sky…

the time with my youngest son nestling against me
while the lil demon cat sat on my chest purring …

back when my eldest son gave me a look of love, wordless support
saying more in his silence than I’d heard in weeks…

my daughter, grabbing me in a hug out of nowhere
but everywhere perfectly timed, wresting me from
an overwhelming


that point in time
when paths collided, friendships forged,
(sunset across the ocean roiling,
salty air everywhere,)
popcorn overflowing the pot,
calling laughter up from lost corners,
(moss under feet,
river flowing around every inch of me)
tears falling across a beaming smile when
one, then two, then three were born and then
gaining sight as midwife weeping over new life…
and back when eyes met across a tide of impossibility.
(and souls bridged forever in a flash of time,
songs across the telephone lines…
and a heart I can never forget.)

moments many, visiting me here.


but still here,
weaving and woven,
spreading threads deeply,
steeping richness in the depths of soul,
muttering ministrations, filling cauldron’s
newness brew with the sustenance of loss,
filling up the gaps, calling me into

life, moments making…

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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