Found this gold from Oriah Mountain Dreamer today and had to give it a place here…

“The root of the word vulnerablilty comes from the Latin “vulnus,” and means “the ability to carry a wound gracefully.” Been thinking about this since I read it in Mark Nepo’s “Finding Inner Courage.” I like that it doesn’t deny that there will be wounds. “Carrying” the wound implies it does not have to immobilize or crush us. But to do so, gracefully. . . ah, there’s the tricky part- as in with dignity (not denial,) with beauty (as in truthfully,) and with Grace- the unearned blessing of being held by that which is larger that enables us to continue, to live & love fully even with wounds. The word says it all- to experience this blessing we have to accept our vulnerabilty- it is the open door that allows this Grace to lift & carry us when we least expect it.” From Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This says it all…

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