Going Deeper…

Brené Brown’s exploration of vulnerability leads her to explore shame’s potent influence in our lives. It’s timely for me as a mom noticing how each one of my children has unique sensitivity triggers in experiencing shame. And how different we all are along these lines. This TEDx talk is worth the time investment for the rich focus on gender-specific shame triggers. It’s a huge affirmation for those of us parents who are refusing the gender-oppressing societal influences in our facilitation of our children into whole personhood. Huge thanks to the Globally Hip Bill Sinunu for drawing my attention to this wonderful talk from Brené Brown.

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2 thoughts on “Going Deeper…

  1. Thank you for the link, that is an inspiring talk. Shame is such a crippling load to carry. After a while that weight just seems normal and one wonders why life is so difficult. It’s good to ‘know my enemy’ and to see that, exposed to the light, he begins to appear weak and ridiculous.

    1. I love Brené Brown’s courage. She opens doors for people to embrace their authenticity and see how much shame hinders our soulfulness. Thanks for stopping in.

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