Heart Bowls …

Great mother, lover goddess within…
Make for me huge heart bowls bigger than life itself,
bigger than all the worst spills and hurtiest moments,
bigger than the ocean in my soul or the crater in my heart,
bigger than the highways in my mind and the ache that just won’t quit,
bigger than what has been or what could be.
Goddess… make them especially to receive, to insist on welcoming,
to persist in opening, accepting a partaking,
refusing the worst breaking of heart,
make them especially and shape them ruthlessly for love’s bigger feasts,
the ones we spread after betrayal, after misunderstanding,
after the long, long con
the one we watched knowing, seeing others’ schemes
and hoping they’d somehow fizzle out…
Make them relentlessly open to being open again,
to lavishing on top of loss,
for holding more than all the worst or the last best
or the limits of our creativity…
Make them in the face of grief,
in the face of all those limitations I cannot overcome…
Teach me to rest within their stillness knowing,
growing welcome for all I cannot fathom just yet,
all that might be if I could just nest
in their ancient, restoring grace supreme.
Teach me how to use their round and receptive energy to begin again…
and again.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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