More From The Sparrow Oblivious

Song lilting out in
to my fields a great feast spills
melodic moment.

These trills beseech me
reach me, lifting up and out
ousting oppression.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

16 thoughts on “More From The Sparrow Oblivious

  1. Hey Beautiful Joy Giving Woman! Thank You SO much for all Your love and support!!! I hope You’ve been well! This is beautiful!!! I just sat in nature and listened in a while and need to. Amazing. My computer is running slowly at the moment and was stopping and starting, but it sounded to me like there were children in the background, which made me laugh and smile and wonder if the bird was thinking/singing about how lovely that sound is! HUGE hugs to You and Cheers. 🙂

    1. BLISSBAIT! So glad to see you’re back in action. Your warmth and cheer have been sorely missed here! Sorry no response for a while here…fell down a “hole” of surreal demand and had to suspend all blogging for a while. Big hugs and cheer to you 🙂 I look forward to checking out your latest.

  2. I have something for you over on my Unexpected Gifts tab. Check the Friendship Circle entry. Participation is up to you but I wanted to be sure you knew that you brighten my day!

    1. I said this elsewhere but wanted to be sure it gets through. Your mention of me was/is a huge lift, thank you Jaymie. I don’t know how to convey just how much I appreciate the flow with you but suffice to say it is experienced with deep gratitude. You’re a soulful provocation and strengthening source of insight and grace. Love you…

    1. 🙂 They are fun, haikus.
      But many words I do use
      like water flowing.


      Not many haikus
      spill from these fingers flowing
      nature long-winded.

      But I love the inspiration of your own poetic flow supreme. Oxo…

  3. I read your haiku – then watched/listened the video – and revisited the words with a new enthusiasm. The video really grounded the poem wonderfully. I even heard the freedom in the second read.

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