Song of Secret Dances

christmas cactus

Piercing warmth, fleeting reach
penetrating briefly just enough and enough.
But maybe a little more enough here,
sinking, seeping lyrical ground.

Roots sighing somewhere down,
restricted, richness-steeped and stewing brew.
This redness roiling sounds and sounds
and eventually out a hum…

past green growth shining,
humming something future known,
pounding pulse of winter’s spring
‘til finally full blast bloom…

song of secret dances

song of secret dances.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

8 thoughts on “Song of Secret Dances

  1. i see this poem in a different light about two people who are beginning to learn the secret dance of life. on how wintry souls become entwined to create spring. wonderful imagery here.

    1. i like what you see…most of my poetry is about something other than the obvious bloom of a flower, reach of a tree or or or. and yes, it’s about two people. wonderful depth in your interpretation here.

  2. One of my favourite flowers, bringing colour when we most need it here- the depsths of winter. Mine have finished flowering now for another year, but never mind. Spring soon!

  3. I’m with Leslie. I adore my Christmas cacti and can’t wait until Thanksgiving and Easter when they bloom and bloom and bloom. Just finishing up now. But the poem, the expectation, the potential, the possibility, all present in the “past green growth shining.”

    Thank you for exposing their sacredness!

    1. 🙂 Thanks Nancy…there’s something in that response to the sun, to the changing of the seasons and the complete process of growth and flowering that gets to me. And it gives me the opportunity to express on several layers. Nothing like sacred life…and sacred life processes…

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