We stood there under stars                                                                            

we grew dreams
and felt the moon grow within,
deeply steeping stillness
stirrings, silent
unknown yearnings.

We made babies there
in the womb of our love,
we made grown-ups too
and more
more we felt the moon
growing us up a-sway,
and more away from our time under the play and ply
of dreams not our own,
dreams others hoped we’d grow,
fill up the void, prove their best by our lives’ strain.

But we grew. And beyond the dreams,
beyond their slumber there the moon spread
precious seeds of inevitability,
relentless moonbeams awakening these children,
all of us, growing
unearthing raw real flow
breaking up all the dreams,
tearing us to pieces save,
save the wholeness,
the bridge between us,

birthing our lives beyond the stars,
past the zenith of schemes
into the soil of soul’s truth.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

4 thoughts on “More

  1. haven’t checked in for a while, and just got a chance to read this, and wow, what a treat, sister. thank you for sharing your gift… sweet and raw and real… you shine…

  2. I am writing this one down, JRuth. I read this from a position of an open heart and embrace its message. This is truly a poem of love spreading and allowing for the universe to function and us be a part of the whole. How very, very beautiful and spiritual this poem is!

    1. i love and appreciate your witnessing this for what it is leslie…it makes it that much more spiritually potent for me. thank you for giving so richly…

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