Wednesday’s Wake Up Call…

Following are the words of Gordon Duff, controversial journalist/senior editor of Veterans Today.

Question of the day: If we establish a vision of our lives based on a reliance on corrupt information or information we have not challenged and have not established ourselves in the soil of true personal growth apart from an addiction/reliance on the status quo, what are we? We live in a world that often identifies “dysfunction” and “disorder” as that which pushes against the “norm,” questions established mores and exhibits natural human reactions to destructive or disruptive forces (e.g. Catherine Zeta-Jones is “bi-polar” because she had panic attacks and withdrew from her normal routine after a series of personal traumas. Really? She was human in the face of loss. But it was categorized as disorder and then medicated “away.” Media helps us “understand” what is “normal” as the life of soul bleeds out. It is apparently NOT normal to experience episodes of panic after being stalked. Or to withdraw from normal routines when the way of life you’ve always known is shaken.) Save us from the world that categorizes the soul of humanity as disordered when it is anything less than smiling, “productive,” or predictable.

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wake Up Call…

  1. sometimes being detached from it all would keep you believing the lie. to my disgust, nothing can be trusted now, seems like everybody are overpowered by greed, much moreso, amassing profits from intruding privacies. i like your post and what a brave thing to do 🙂

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