Own Your Life

This reaches me on several levels because, for one, it shows a man giving his body, his will, his time to the military. On some levels, this fact alone is upsetting to me. I’m not anti-military or unappreciative of the hearts of those who mean well when they join the military but I do struggle with the choice. These folks are giving their will and good health to agendas so corrupted and obscured by greed and lust for power and control, it’s difficult to see even the potential for positive karmic purpose in the choice so many make to serve. But, I support the human, the person.

I love what is expressed here about “The Secret” and about owning your life. And as one who longs to sprint again and who has some major challenges – not with an almost 300lb weight issue or injury from parachuting out of airplanes, but with the considerably daunting reality of CFS – this rendered me weepy and appreciative. So, Happy Memorial Day to those who find it meaningful. Let this be a memorial to the human spirit, the tenacity both in and out of corrupt agendas and into the ownership of our lives and our power.

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5 thoughts on “Own Your Life

  1. I struggle as you do with the concept, I saw a bumper sticker once that said “I don’t support our government and its wars, but I do support our troops” its still a corrupt world with subversive agendas but this saying helped me see the individual soldiers apart from the wars I’m so against.

    1. Questions I long to ask those who want to enlist… 1) Why do you want to do this? 2) Do you realize you’re submitting your will to corrupt and destructive agendas and, by doing so, you are agreeing with corruption and destruction? 3) Why do you believe it makes you a hero to fight a corrupt war? 4) Why do you need to be heroic? 5) What makes you think it’s healthy to seek heroism on foreign soil when far too many fail in the basics of being there for their loved ones? 6) What gives our nation and therefore our people the special status to justify killing others to further our agendas? 7) Do you realize this “special status” makes us elitist and runs the risk of being ranked with people we revile, people guilty of genocide? 8) How does this fit into “thou shalt not kill?” 9) Can you not trust that you can make a way for yourself without selling out on what matters? 10) Do you realize that your hopeful motives will not purify the agendas you’re loaning your body and mind to? 11) Do you really want to kill someone? Just for starters. Suffice to say, my sons have heard aplenty. And only one of them has had notions. He now feels the Coast Guard is the only branch of service that truly seeks honorable service and gives unique opportunities.

      1. I love all these questions, and I bet the answer to every one of the them has something to do with fear, fear of other people and their beliefs, fear of other religions, fear of the unknown, and probably just fearing fear. All governments thrive on it, elections are won with and taxes are paid because of it. And you’re right, we’re no better than the government officials with their corrupt agendas when we support the wars. I truly agree with you.

        1. I think you hit on it with fear. It’s scary going into the big crazy world when coming out of the umbrella of our parents care. Or, for some, it’s seemingly the only sane option when leaving a painful or wild childhood. And still, for others, it’s the only reasonable-looking financial opportunity. I know it doesn’t always mean going to war. There can be some major benefits. But when it boils down to what many are called on to do, it’s tragic. I can see military action as defensively necessary when a nation is under attack so I don’t despise it. It’s the whole romanticized notion of “service” that turns my stomach when young people are going into warfare in countries we have no business asserting our agendas. It’s the whole “hero” mindset that ignores the horror of killing. A friend quoted a former soldier recently as saying this: “One cannot take another human life without killing a part of his own soul.” So, let’s tread carefully into fields of “heroism” claiming destruction as an acceptable means of aid.

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