Courage Crazy

“I come from the side of disobedience, from the side of those that decide to follow their hearts. It is the way of the warriors, poets, and the crazy. They say that I am crazy because I believe that to lose the reasoning is the pathway toward the heart. I believe that life is better than the cinema, it is a work of art in eternal movement—the perfect synchronicity, the living beauty, the poem of love that never ends.” — Santiago Pando

And one of the biggest conundrums whispers through our gradual extrication from choices made in fear, tainted by fear or otherwise tangled in the resulting effects created by years of allowing only the mind to rule.

Holding to what love created in spite of fear…

Holding to what courage revealed in spite of any frenzied rationalizations…

there is always something to redeem, reconcile, restore, revive, embrace…

as we make our way back to the land of crazy courage.


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