“…the re-membering occurs when we begin to reassemble the parts of our inner knowing that we lost by taking the risks involved in being human. Birth into a human body is similar to taking an entire universe of information and consciousness, shoving it onto a microchip, and placing the particle containing all the wisdom inside a tiny human body that has no control over its own movements for a while…

    That birth experience alone is enough to create forgetting. From that point on, our daily human experiences present enough shocks that we become aware of less and less of our inherent potential. How’s that for a Coyote trick? You have to learn to gain control over your growing baby body, then learn to deal with all the emotions of growing up and all the judgments of others who tell you something is right or wrong, no matter how you see it with your child’s eyes of wonder. We learn and adopt habits based upon the families we have and the cultures we grow up in. No wonder we forget! Then, later, we learn to drop everything we picked up that does not support us and reassemble all the beliefs that do help us remember who we are, why we are here, where we come from, and how it all works together. That’s some task! No wonder we are required to have an abundant sense of humor in order to survive that kind of cosmic joke!” Jamie Sams – Dancing The Dream, Pg. 152

Love is big enough to endure the shift, the dropping of all we picked up that does not support who we are, the reassembly of beliefs into a tapestry more suited to our ancient make-up of innocence and shadow. 

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

15 thoughts on “Re-Member

  1. OH! I love this, I love this, I love this!!!! Man! I laughed with such GLEEEEEEEEE while reading both the quote and Your words. We really are on a GRAND, FUNNY, adventure…aren’t we? Miraculous, to be sure! THANK YOU! You’re my shot of vitamin B! HUGE Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. I was so glad to see your concluding paragraph on what love can do to completely overshadow whatever traumas our previous selves have had to endure. The least of which is lost memories.

    It is not a virtual process. It is the process itself. Without an integrating force the angst can be overwhelming to the point of . . . er . . . DIS integration.

    I have had more than one person call me a fool and naive for saying that (as the Beatles song said ) “All you need is Love, Love.”

    That WAS your point, yes?

    1. my point was very much married to Sams’ articulation of a process of healing and growth. and sure, it requires the diligence of love, the awareness of love, the toil of love and the rest of love. a focused attentive respect for the path of transformation which is not to be confused with some miracle cure for loss. no matter how much i transform, i cannot bring back and redo moments lost to trauma. but i can determine how trauma or reactions simply to being in a body has caused me to retreat from a more authentic unfolding of soulful self. am i always bracing for the angry tirade of a caretaker? does that bracing quality take up space in my soul as a ruth-trait, killing who i am without that fear? it’s a nitty gritty kind of love. it requires a kind of love that’s not necessarily warm and fuzzy but definitely intent on redeeming whatever can be redeemed for wholeness. for instance, i cannot bring back the 5 years i spent in a cubicle during critical years of my life (a form of education considered wonderfully ideal to my parents at the time for no reason except to protect me from the world. a truly unfortunate – to understate – layer of my past.). i cannot change what it did to me then. but i can be aware of the cubicle reactionary-ruth of now. and i can take her hand and show her how to find life beyond the reaction, into a now that is truly cubicle free. so yes, all i need is love that sees how the past is still crippling my now and, in response to that awareness, grows a calculated vision of restoration of as whole a me as possible. we grow beyond an identification with “injured” (when it’s time and no sooner) and into respectful awareness of how to heal as we live lives embracing life, not bracing against the next big slam. that was my point. 🙂

      1. And what a big point it is too, Jezzy! 😀

        I think what you say is very nearly a Given.

        Recent experiences highlight just what you say. I went through a profound catharsis myself as I delved as deeply as I was capable into the personal traumas and despondencies of others in an attempt to bring to those most traumatized a message of integration with the love that is available to all who share the Human trait.

        “nitty-gritty” Yes, I think I can definitely relate to a “nitty-gritty” sort of love having most recently been subjected to 6 non stop wonderful weeks of just such a love-love relationship.

        I found that those with whom I dealt and lived in very personal proximity very often if not always lived a life of great personal disintegration because they had never felt that unifying grasp of Love, or if they had at one time or another had that soul-filling experience of Love, that it had somehow been lost or at the very least had that love buried so deeply within that it appeared lost.

        Long Reply! So Sorry. I have a great deal more to say on this subject and am filling all your space on it. I will leave what I have said for now. May even do my own post on it.


        1. hmmm…i’ll have to differ with you. it should be a given. it’s my experience that most people are understandably stuck in auto-pilot, too busy to connect with the need for re-membering. but if you’re referring only to yourself then, ok. i won’t contend! 😉

          thought of your recent experiences when i replied… when helping others re-member, we get a chance to experience that stark awareness of how absolutely precious it all is, how lives and opportunities can be lost to the void. thanks for sharing… (long replies always welcome)

          1. Didn’t say it was a given but that it very nearly is one. I believe I was saying by that qualifier what you are saying by giving it a normative value with “should” which equals “ought” which directly implies the categorical imperative. It was the same thing but without the modal verb. I qualified. You used a normative expression. Not much difference.

            One thing about that experien ce is that in the attempt to help others re-member I also performed an act of re-membering and remembering upon myself. I did as I would do unto others and as I would have them do unto me. Immanuel Kant and Jesus Christ would be proud of me, were it not for the fact that I was merely doing what was required of me by that very same dictum.

            When we state that a certain train of logic or method of reasoning or a method of acting toward ourselves and toward others is the most preferred method, and that it “should” be a given if it is not, then we are saying that it is proper to act or think in this way. As such we are declaring an absolute and if it should be so for us then it MUST be so for others. That sword cuts in very many directions. . . . .

            1. the only time i hear someone say something is a given or is nearly a given is when they are trying to make the point that what has just been expressed is superfluous or nearly(!) superfluous. Or when they want to make the same point in their own way and are waving aside the expression of another. my usage of the word “should” in my response was an attempt at a good-natured deflection. and. it was a sentiment. it should be a given that we need to re-member. like…it should be a given that children need love and hugs. like…it should be a given that the homeless need more help than they are getting. such “logic” is not shoving it down anyone’s throat as an absolute requirement of all people. my post here consists of sams’ articulation of the challenge of being human and how that very challenge causes us to forget our original soulful pattern of being/doing. there is no articulation of how one ought to go about rectifying it etc. it is simply a rich recognition. and i was positing no preferred line of thinking except to passionately convey my own sense of what matters in my response to your comment (without apology!). As for the grand big picture: are there shoulds? hell yes. are there preferred ways of thinking or doing? yes, if you want a certain specific end-result you should thus and so. But that doesn’t mean that a person who says such is declaring it thus required by all people or is looking down the nose at those who don’t see it their way. There are many ways to go about re-membering. And we can be aided by the spirit of Christ or Zen Buddhism or the Shamanic path. But underneath each one of these aids is a recurring pattern of a process of healing with some variations brought to bear by virtue of the uniqueness of the individual. As for logic and shouldness: My train goes only to those stations I intend. Any perceived destination beyond those stations is an assumption and can only be “validated” by the perceiver’s own train schedule and bears no credibility beyond projection.

              1. It was not an attempt to wave away a previous statement. It was to validate it. Stated more positively.

                It IS a given that children need love and hugs! It is an absolute. How children are actually treated is not a given because it is well and tragically proven that they do not it actuality get what it is GIVEN that they need.

                It is the difference between diagnosis and treatment. It is a given that a drowning man needs to be pulled from the water to save his life. He is drowning–diagnosis. He needs to be pulled out of the water–suggested treatment. These are absolutes. Whether or not he is so retrieved is not a given.

                I can state positively and absolutely that “all we need is love, love.” Whether or not it becomes a universal practice is WIDE open for debate. I assert it will not. We (you and I) have the diagnosis and the prescription for the cure. Will someone please call the drugstore and fill the order? A few will. MANY will, but sadly not enough.

                And peace be unto you. 🙂

  3. Constantly weaving in but it does seem as though there is a pattern of sorts buried deep within. Sometimes I have to pull some stitches and redo a section. 😉

    1. it’s hard to know what patterns were “original” but seems to be a work of faith in the process. and me too. some sections of this tapestry will always require more work for me. undo. redo. test. process…

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